About Me

I am currently a 22 year graduate living in the Manchester area of the UK. For those who aren’t aware, Anime is a Japanese form of animation that is completely unique. With a large array of genres from child aimed cartoons (Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon), to more adult based action thrillers ( Afro Samurai) and even psychological horrors (Perfect Blue, Paranoia Agent),  Anime really does have something for everyone. Just as with films, there is an anime to suit any taste, and with a vast expanse of series and films there is a great deal to get anyone hooked for life. My aim is to share my opinions of the latest Anime and even some old favourites in order to perhaps successfully provide you with the same entertainment that Anime gives me and millions around the world each day.
Favourite Manga:
Favourite Anime:
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
Favourite Character:
Eiji Niizuma
Favourite Animation Studio:
Studio Bones
Favourite UK Licensor:
Anime Limited
Favourite OST:
Code Geass

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