Kill La Kill



Searching for her fathers killer, Ryuko Matoi heads for Honnouji Academy, a school run by Satsuki Kiryuin and her fearsome student council. Each council members wears a special ”Goku” uniform made of a material called ”Life Fibres” which provide the students with special powers and abilities. After her fathers mysterious demise, Ryuko finds one half of a scissor sword capable of cutting life fibres and a living uniform whom only she can hear called Senkestu. Together with her ”Godrobe” Senkestu, which is made entirely of Life Fibres, Ryuko faces against Satsuki and the student council who seem to hold the secret of her father’s death.


From the director that brought us Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann comes the equally eccentric and brilliantly insane Kill la Kill. It is very rare that there is a show that I want to tell anyone I can about but Kill la Kill is the exception. The key to Kill la Kill’s true strength is the shows ability to never take anything seriously. At any stage of this series characters are thrown into ridiculously over the top situations which are all based around the concept of this elite ‘Super School’ which is full of equally odd and deranged students. The main character Ryuko, although one of the more serious characters, is even forced to sport a rather seemingly revealing outfit during her ”transformed” battle state. In fact it is this ideal of using embarrassing situations juxtaposed to the characters apparent seriousness that provides Kill la Kill with the majority of its genius.


The characters themselves are all fairly varied yet similar in that no-one seems to take themselves seriously except perhaps the main protagonists. From an overly friendly student and her hunger crazed impoverished family to a muscle-clad student council member whom forces the school to a seven-day ”battle royale”, Kill la Kill isn’t without interesting characters. This is a show which seems to relish in progressing the story in typical Gurren Lagann fashion, by upping the stakes and the insanity in equal measure. The character designs are also some of my favourites in anime to date. Perhaps due to the fact that the art style is so primitive and humorous yet each character has such a differing feel to them. I particularly love Guts the nosebleed dog and Aikurō Mikisugi the stripping school teacher. If this is yet to peak your interest then I’m afraid you may be a lost cause!



The animation in particular is top-notch. Without dropping in quality throughout the series Studio Trigger did a tremendous job with Kill la Kill. So much happens per episode that it continues to astound me in terms of the depth of development that must have gone into this production. The soundtrack, including the opening and closing themes are also wonderfully catchy. I’ve no doubt you should find yourself humming along more and more with each episode and that is something really special.



For anyone unsure if this show is for you (and it won’t be for everyone) just ask yourself one simple question. Do you want something a little different from your everyday, conventional, fanservice filled bore? If yes then give Kill la Kill a try. Although it is filled with more fanservice that I have probably ever witnessed in a show, I think that Kill la Kill provides anime fans with something massively varying. It has action in heaps for diehard shōnen fans, drama, comedy and wonderful pacing and plot development. If you watch the show as it was intended to be viewed i.e. with a pinch of salt, then you should find yourself laughing along at the edge of your seat in no time. Give it a go…what’s the worst that could happen?

Rating : 4.0 /5.0 Great

Buy Part 1 here:

Kill la Kill [2013]

Directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi

Written by Kazuki Nakashima

Music by Hiroyuki Sawano

Studio Trigger

Madman Entertainment/Aniplex of America/Anime Limited



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