My Year in Manga (2014)

I’ve decided to post my top 5 manga of 2014! *Note* not all/probably none of these titles have necessarily actually been release this year. These are just my personal highlights from series that I’ve read in 2014* Please post your opinions and even recommendations in the comments. Happy New Year !




5. Time Killers



This is a truly wonderful book with works spanning from the beginning of Kazue Kato’s (Blue Exorcist) career to the one shot that inspired her long running series. Every piece is truly wonderful and so varying that it gives you an honest and refreshing insight into the development of her career. This book was something that I’ve rarely seen and would love to see more of in the future so I had to put it into my top 5 for the year. Highly recommended for any manga fan.

4. Naruto


Although cliché, Naruto came to a wonderful conclusion this year so of course it would feature in my top 5. Without spoiling anything for those yet to read the ending, Kishimoto sensei didn’t disappoint me. Although I would have hoped for more in terms of character development in some cases, I think this was a satisfying end to a series I’ve loved and followed for a long time. I’ll certainly be looking forward to his next work!

3. Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)


I have yet to finish this manga and it is a fairly new discovery for me but so far I’ve loved every moment. This series deals with some rather touchy topics and doesn’t seem to water down the content which is a tremendously different experience for me. To anyone who has never heard of this series I recommend that you read the first two or three chapters and you should understand what I’m getting at. This series will most certainly be a future highlight for me in the coming year.

2. Nisekoi


This series is something truly special for me. A shōnen romance that actually works! The blend of romantic comedy and slapstick action is something I haven’t really experienced since series like Reborn or Gin Tama. However, I think that Nisekoi provides a whole new take on the genre, making it something truly unique. I’m loving every minute of this manga and I can’t really praise it enough

1. Bakuman



I recently received the entire series box set of Bakuman and in around two weeks I had finished all 20 volumes. This is nothing short of spectacular! Although some fans of Death Note may find this to be a change of pace for the authors, no-one wants to read the same old thing twice. For a series that educates the reader as to the difficulty of becoming a mangaka for shōnen jump, at its core Bakuman is a series based on childhood dreams and has produced some of the most compelling and detailed characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. An all time favourite for me that I will no doubt read again and again. All I can say is….’CROOOWWWWWW!!!!!’




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