Guilty Crown



Following a virus outbreak known only as ‘Lost Christmas’, Japan is thrown into turmoil. As a result the U.N intervenes and creates an organisation known as GHQ to contain the virus. However, years after the initial outbreak, a rebel organisation called ‘Funeral Parlour’ takes its first steps toward destroying GHQ and reviving Japan’s independence. The story centres on a young boy named Ouma Shu as he finds himself unexpectedly in the possession of a strange power known as the ‘Void Genome’, thus allowing him to use the ‘essence’ or ”Void’ of an individual and turn it into a weapon. As a result he is thrust into the drama created by Funeral Parlour as he soon becomes their weapon of choice.


Although I’m a ‘little late to the party’, I think that Guilty Crown is an anime that is still largely up for discussion. As a result, despite my lack of punctuality, I shall do my utmost to provide you with a fresh point of view (for those who have seen the series already) or just a well-rounded opinion for those wishing to pick up something new to watch.

Guilty Crown is something of an enigma to me. On the one hand you can watch the entire show and be completely amazed but on the other hand it could leave you dazed and confused long before you reach the end. This is quite problematic for someone who isn’t accustomed to this sort of anime show but for me personally I found it to be somewhat refreshing. The first half of the show to me felt less entertaining than the latter half though I know many will disagree. I felt that, although the second half was somewhat confusing, it provided me with something I haven’t felt from an anime in a long time…uncertainty.



The animation and character design is some of the best I have seen in years. It feels like you’ve stepped into ‘TRON’ for the very first time with the classic neon effect in the colour scheme making a delightful comeback appearance in this show. It isn’t too ‘8Os’ though so not to worry however you should find that it is just subtly vibrant enough to make you look twice. Also, The introduction song written and performed by the J-POP group Supercell in addition to the music for the show, written by Hiroyuki Sawano, is by far some of the most entertaining I have ever heard.



The characters themselves undergo various developments throughout the show so I won’t spoil anything and let you decide for yourselves. However, I will say that Guilty Crown has produced some exceptional developments and plot twists that almost make you feel like both halves of the series are two completely different animes altogether. I found myself rooting for a character only to hate them and vice-versa. This provides us with a diverse story that breaks through the mundanity we have all sadly become accustomed to.



Overall I think that Guilty Crown provides enough controversy and debate that if you aren’t watching you will certainly feel ‘out of the loop’ in no time. Most people will find Guilty Crown to be too ‘overloading’ but I think that is one of the charms that the show provides. It raises many questions and it doesn’t necessarily ‘spoon feed’ you any answers. You need to think hard and speculate to truly understand certain plot lines which I can understand would frustrate many. Yet, you should keep an open mind, enjoy speculating and questioning the motives of the characters and the various plot twists. Then you should find yourself on the same adrenaline packed thrill-ride that many other fans have come to cherish.


Rating : 3.1/5.0 Average


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Guilty Crown [2011]

Directed by Tetsurō Araki (Death Note, Highschool of the Dead, Attack on Titan)

Written by Hiroyuki Yoshino (Accel World, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)

Music by Hiroyuki Sawano

Studio Production I.G

Madmen/Funimation/Manga Entertainment



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