Akame ga Kill! – Series Showcase



Our protagonist is a spirited boy named Tatsumi who journeys with his two friends to the capital to make a name for himself in the army and free his small village from poverty. Yet he soon discovers a harsh reality. The capital is not what it appears to be as it is ruled by a manipulative prime minister and an infant emperor whom obeys all the prime minister’s corrupt wishes. As a result, Tatsumi soon becomes the newest member of an elite assassination squad known as ‘Night Raid’, who utilise special weapons called ‘Imperial Arms’ to kill corrupt members of the capital. Can Tatsumi fit into this violent array of strangers? More importantly can Night Raid truly make a difference by assassinating the prime minister? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out!



My initial thoughts of this show from a few minutes in were that it seemed cliché and perhaps a bit dull considering the usual set up: boy wishes to seek fortune, corrupt government factors in there somewhere along the way, alongside the standard goals to overcome etc. Yet I implore you to be a bit less sceptical than I was to begin with. From the six short episodes that I have seen of this series it has already taken most of my previous preconceptions and completely surprised me. This show is certainly one to watch this season but by no means the best I have seen so far (more reviews soon to come). It excels in its ability to be far more than it appears and bearing in mind that with many episodes left to be aired I think that Akame ga Kill could be an overall exceptional show.

ga kill


The characters of the show are one of its greatest aspects but perhaps also one of its biggest flaws. The protagonist Tatsumi is interesting although somewhat cliché yet again but it is the members of Night Raid that are the true highlight of the show. They are all completely different and somewhat eccentric but you feel that they all share a deeply rooted common past or goal making them extremely interesting but with plenty of room for future plot development. However, you may not notice as I did, but they form a generic ‘harem’ layout due to the fact that the majority of ‘Night Raid’ are indeed female with the exception of  three men including our protagonist with one such men openly admitting his homosexual personality. Although I haven’t found it to be a major issue, this harem set up can feel a little mundane if it becomes overly repetitive like with most anime series of this nature.

akame-ga-kill-episode-2-8 The animation itself is great overall but it is truly spectacular in the more violent scenes of this anime. The colour schemes are truly beautiful and dark at times making this anime feel more adult/teen based than I had previously thought. The character designs are, although versatile, somewhat obvious making them one of my less favoured aspects of the show. However, the story certainly improves this. akame-ga-kill-episode-1-27 akamegakill2

Akame ga Kill is a series that, thus far, has shocked me on more than one occasion. It can be seemingly harmless but then dramatically violent and brutal within a few short minutes. The episodes fly by because they are so well scripted and action packed and, considering I am only six episodes in, a major character has already been given the axe! So if you are in the mood to be pleasantly surprised but violence and adult themes don’t bother you too much, then I suggest you give Akame ga Kill a try this season. If six episodes is anything to go by, it should be a fan favourite in no time!


Rating: 4.0/5.0 Great

Link to watch series: http://www.crunchyroll.com/akame-ga-kill

Akame ga Kill [2014]

Directed by Tomoki Kobayashi

Written by Makoto Uezu

Studio White Fox


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